The Cartoon

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds was created by Spanish studio BRB Internacional, who were also responsible for Around the World with Willy Fog and Sandokan. The cartoon was made in Japan by Nippon Animation.

Country of origin: Spain
First broadcast: 1981
First UK broadcast: 1985 (Children's BBC)
English adaptation: Dave Mallow, Doug Stone
Created, written and produced by: Claudio Biern Boyd
Music by: Guido & Maurisio de Angelis
Voices: Cam Clarke, Dave Mallow,
Mark Richards, Mike Sorich,
Doug Stone, Rebecca Forstadt, Steve Kramer
Copyright: BRB Internacional


Yep, you were right - it was good!

In Other Languages

Afrikaans: Brakenjan
Finnish: Kolme Muskettikoiraa
French: Les Trois Mousquetaires
German: D'Artagnan und die drei MuskeTiere
Greek: Ο Ντ' Αρτακαν και οι 3 Φυλακες
Hebrew: Shloshet HaMusketerim
Italian: D'Artacan e i tre moschettieri
Japanese: Wanwan Sanjushi (ワンワン三銃士) [Woofwoof Musketeers]
Lithuanian: Autanjanas ir trys muškietininkai
Polish: Czworonozni muszkieterowie
Portuguese: Dartacão e os três Moscãoteiros
Russian: Dartangav i tri psa mushketera
Spanish [original]: D'Artacan y los tres Mosqueperros

Perro and can mean 'dog' in Spanish. The English version is faithful to the pun in the original, as are the Portuguese ('cão' - 'dog') and Finnish ('koira' - 'dog') versions. In German the pun is on Musketier, the German form of 'Musketeer', and tier, meaning 'animal', while in Lithuanian 'Au-au' is the sound of a dog barking.