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Current Merchandise

Plush toys

Dogtanian Athos Aramis

Check these out! Dogtanian plush toys, available exclusively at I've ordered mine!


Volume 1 The complete adventures of Dogtanian have now been released on DVD and video courtesy of Revelation Films. The first nine episodes were released on April 28th 2003, the next six episodes on August 25th 2003 and the next five (do you see a pattern emerging here?), plus a bonus episode of 'King Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table', on March 22nd 2004. The fourth and final volume was released on May 25th 2004. A box set of the complete series on four DVDs, plus a poster, is also available, as is< i>Dogtanian in One for All and All for One, a feature length film version of the cartoon made by abridging the episodes and splicing them together.

Special features on the DVDs include character factfiles, song lyrics in English, French, German and Spanish, information on Alexandre Dumas and the similarities between Dogtanian and D'Artagnan. Many of these appeared on this website first. is the new name for, and I'm part of their affiliate programme. So by ordering Dogtanian from them, you're helping to keep this site running. Sendit offer free postage and typically there's a pound off the RRP of the DVDs.

Series 2

Volume 1 [DVD]
Volume 2 [DVD]
Volume 3 [DVD]
Volume 4 [DVD]

Volume 1 [VHS]
Volume 2 [VHS]
Volume 4 [VHS]

Dogtanian - One for All and All for One

Box set of 4 DVDs and poster - the complete series!

The complete second series on DVD

(Not sure where Volume 3 on VHS has got to - why not email and ask them?)

Also available from, as well as HMV, Virgin and other high street retailers.

Willy Fog

Willy FogAround the World with Willy Fog is also being released on DVD and video.

Volume 1 [DVD]
Volume 2 [DVD]
Volume 3 [DVD]
Volume 4 [DVD]

Volume 1 [VHS]
Volume 3 [VHS]

(Again, there seems to be a volume missing from the VHS version.)


SandokanComplete your collection of 1980s Spanish historical anthropomorphic anime with Sandokan, the saga of a tiger sailing the South Seas with his faithful crew.

Volume 1 [DVD]
Volume 2 [DVD]
Volume 3 [DVD]

Classic Merchandise

Items sold when Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds was originally shown. Unless otherwise stated, I do not have any of these items for sale or trade. Try eBay or the For Sale/Wanted section of the Message Board.

Toy Sword

I would have murdered my own mother for one of these when I was a kid.

Toy sword

Theme tune

The Dogtanian theme tune was released as a single by the BBC on cassette and 7" vinyl.

Cover of the BBC Cassingle


These delightful little fellas are about 6cm high and made in Portugal by Disvenda. How they keep turning up at car-boot sales in rural Dorset beats me.

PVC figures: Athos, Aramis, Porthos, Juliette,

Return of Dogtanian-era figures; these are slightly larger, made from softer PVC, and the details are not as good.

PVC figures: King Louis and a guard

Ice cream and figures

These little plastic figures came free with ice cream in Portugal.

Mini figures

Dogtanian Porthos Aramis Athos, Aramis, Porthos Guards

I have also had several reports from Portugal of ice cream coming in a container shaped like a Muskehound head. You took off the hat to scoop the delicious frozen contents out of Dogtanian's skull. Somebody, please, send in a photograph!

Soft toy

Several people have told me of a Dogtanian cuddly toy, available from Hamleys in the 1980s. If you have one, do send me a photo!

Sticker albums

Card album from Dogtanian and Panini sticker album from The Return of Dogtanian, both Spanish and found on eBay.

Card album Sticker album

Knitting pattern

A knitting booklet containing patterns for eight Dogtanian jumpers went on sale after the release of The Return of Dogtanian. Still trying to persuade my mum to knit me one.


Card game

Spanish game of matching pairs with Dogtanian pictures.

Dogtanian cards