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~Dogtanian's Father~Dogtanian's Mother~Duke of Buckingham~
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~Planchet~Porthos~Queen Anne~Richelieu~Rochefort~Sandy~Widimer~

As seen on the Dogtanian DVD!

The Heroes


In Spanish: D'Artacan
Breed: Illegitimate offspring of Snoopy and Lady from Lady & the Tramp.
About: Foolhardy, brave, hot-tempered, loud-mouthed. Madly in love with the beautiful Juliette.
Fact: Superb swordsman from an early age.
Comments: A famous large-nosed Gascon musketeer is of course Cyrano de Bergerac.

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In SpanishPontos
BreedGerman Shepherd
AboutLeader of the Muskehound trio, he is noble, fearless, sensible and an all-round nice guy.
FactIn Dumas' novel Athos is the leader and Porthos the big fat one. I wonder why they changed it?

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In SpanishAmis
BreedSpringer Spaniel
AboutSoft-spoken, romantic, dashing, slightly camp.
FactDumas' Aramis ends up in a monastery.
CommentsI fancied Aramis like crazy when I was little. Years later I learned the word 'furvert'.

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In SpanishDogos
BreedMastiff? Smooth-coated St Bernard? This guy is immense.
AboutIncredibly strong. Vain, gluttonous, possible drink problem. Generally amiable, but ferocious when roused (e.g. when somebody spills his pint).
FactSee Porthos.

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King Louis

In SpanishEl Rey Luis
BreedKing Charles Spaniel
AboutVain and rather weak-willed; easily angered.
FactLouis XIII 'The Just'.
CommentsNot to be confused with King Louis the orangutan from Disney's The Jungle Book.

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Queen Anne of Austria

In SpanishLa Reina Ana de Austria
AboutStrong, beautiful, intelligent woman shackled to idiot husband.

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In SpanishJulieta
AboutServant and confidante of Queen Anne; love of Dogtanian's life.
CommentsHas the effect of making Dogtanian's nose flash red. Whoo!

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Monsieur de Treville

In SpanishSenor de Treville
BreedOf the large jowly persuasion
AboutLike most police chiefs of the big and small screen: plump, irritable, worried.
FactA friend of Dogtanian's father.

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The Duke of Buckingham

In SpanishEl Duque de Buckingham
AboutHandsome, dashing, stiff-upper-lipped
FactThe English Prime Minister
CommentsHaving it away with Queen Anne under her husband's nose.

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In SpanishPlanchet
BreedBrown bear
AboutLoyal, faithful, strong, rather dim.
FactStable-boy hired by Dogtanian as a servant.

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In SpanishPom
BreedMus musculus
AboutDogtanian's sidekick; even more squeaky, cheerful, loud and irritating.
FactPip's surname is - wait for it - Squeak.
CommentsHmm...he looks more like a rat to me.

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Dogtanian's Father

BreedHonest-to-goodness French country dog; possibly Bouvier de Flandres
AboutFirm but fair. An old friend of Monsieur de Treville; sends his son to Paris to become a Muskehound.
FactGives Dogtanian a sword, a horse and a letter of introduction to M. de Treville.

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Dogtanian's Mother

BreedHard to say; her ears are always covered.
AboutAs a mother should be: kind, loving, food-providing.
FactGives Dogtanian a balm which can heal any wound, and sews him a smart new outfit for Paris.
CommentsOften appears in visions when her son is in need.

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In SpanishRofty
BreedYellow horse. Heck, I don't know anything about horses.
AboutAncient and not about to win any beauty contests, but loyal to his master
FactThe only horse in France who can track by scent.
CommentsOften helps his young master into the saddle with his teeth.

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In SpanishPedro
AboutCircus rat tricked by Widimer into working against the Muskehounds. Sees the error of his ways.
CommentsHe and Pip become friends.

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The Villains

Cardinal Richelieu

In SpanishEl Cardenal Richelieu
BreedDobermann Pinscher?
AboutCrafty, scheming, callous, scary.
FactAddressed as 'your Eminence' (not to be confused with 'Eminem').
CommentsAlways accompanied by his raven, though the real-life Richelieu preferred cats.

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Count Rochefort

In SpanishEl Conde de Rochefort
BreedCanis floppyearus
AboutDevious, superior, suave, cool-headed.
FactRichelieu's henchdog.
CommentsDogtanian's nemesis. Referred to as 'The Black Moustache' until we learn his name.

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In SpanishWidimer
AboutBungling, cowardly, dim-witted sidekick.
FactCaptain of the Cardinal's Guards.
CommentsTerrified of Cardinal Richelieu.

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In SpanishMilady
AboutSly, cool, treacherous. May panic in a crisis - only a woman after all.
FactCardinal's spy.
CommentsMales fall like ninepins, captivated by her charms.

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The Cardinal's Guards

In SpanishLos Guardias de Richelieu
BreedVarious, including one or two pigs.
AboutCowardly rabble.
FactNominally on the same side as the Musketeers; actually bitter rivals.
CommentsRight but Revolting.

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The Blue Falcon

In SpanishEl Halcón Azul
BreedBlue falcon.
AboutNotorious jewel thief.

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François LaVache

In SpanishFrancoise
AboutPlaymate/rival from Dogtanian's village. Dogtanian hones his fencing skills fighting him with wooden swords.
FactHis surname translates as 'the cow'.
CommentsDogtanian has a rival from his hometown - just like Ash and Gary in Pokémon years later.